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Mumbai, INDIA

About l.V.Locking Devices

Our Items of Production : Circlips, 'E' Clips, Spring Dowels, Disc, Washers, Star Washers, Multiteeth Star Washers, Shim Washers, Snap Rings, Spring Washers.
Material : High carbon spring steel, Carbon content and heat treatment dependant on size & application of ring

Design : All snap rings and circlips over 35mm. Normal size have circumferential grain flow ensuring maximum strength and elasticity. Our technique provide for consistent

uniformity of dimensions. For many years we have provided a service to industry in manufacturing purpose designed. We have at our disposal the answer to any of our products problems. Our factory is fully equipped with modern machinery and heat-treatment plant plus testing equipment.

Multi Teeth Washer

Internal Circlips

External Circlips

E Type Circlips

Lock Washer

Disc Washer

Compression Springs

Torsion Springs

Dowel Pins

Fey Laminar Ring

Seeger Grip Rings

Snap Ring

Wave Washer

Spiral Pin

Spring Washer

Plain Washer

Cotter Pin

Plain Wire Ring